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Established in 1997, Montana Polytechnic Institute offers a full range of high school courses.  Students may earn a high school degree entirely online or take classes and transfer their course credits to other schools.

Learning online is especially useful to students who need specific courses which they cannot get locally, or students who enjoy learning topics not normally presented in the high school curriculum.

Online students may be of any nationality or age.  They may be mountain climbers, youth who travel with performing parents in the theatre or arts,  or they may have learning styles which make learning in their own environment much more productive.

But, the most common reason to learn online is that it allows one to think and work at their own rate in a comfortable place of their own choosing.  When it is a great day for skiing or hiking, or family activities, the student is able to take advantage of these opportunities, knowing that it will not affect their coursework adversely!

Montana Polytechnic Institute is seeking accreditation through the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools.

While seeking accreditation, Montana Polytech  holds to standards exceeding those needed for accreditation. Our dedication to Mastery Learning creates an environment where students can concentrate on learning instead of just on grades.

In the Mastery Learning approach, a student does not receive a grade until they have achieved what would in most schools be a B+/A level of understanding. Until then, the teacher creates projects which involve a continual feedback interaction between teacher and student until the degree of mastery is achieved.

In this model of education, the student leaves one course fully prepared for the next course. Students quickly learn that it is to their advantage to do their best on each task because lack of effort only results in more work revising the same assignment. Students enjoy their teacher's dedicated attention.  They thrive in an environment where they have the opportunity to work out misconceptions and increase understanding.

We believe this model of learning best prepares students for the adult world.  Mastery Learning takes courage as one continually improves their skills and knowledge to achieve their goals.

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